Brow Lift in Tampa

Brow Lift in TampaBrow lift, also called a forehead lift, is a cosmetic procedure designed to correct ptosis (sag) of the brow area and smoothes wrinkles between the brows and across the forehead. Causes for sagging of the brow area include the way we age, heredity and overactive muscles in the brow and forehead region. Sagging of the brow and forehead area causes the skin and deeper tissues to loose the tight conformity to the underlying facial bone structure; This will cause a more tired and less youthful appearance. A brow lift (forehead lift) can restore a person’s youthfulness with a more relaxed appearance.

Many of our patients at Marcadis Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa pick this procedure in addition to other cosmetic procedures. Candidates for a brow lift (forehead lift) may have medium to deep skin laxity and sag of the brow and forehead area. Depending on your muscle tone, skin type, forehead measurements and bone structure, a brow lift (forehead lift) requires small incisions behind the hairline. This procedure may be performed with an endoscope.

Cosmetic Brow Lift Consultation:

During your consultation, Dr. Marcadis will listen to your concerns and the outcome you want to achieve. Dr. Marcadis will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure and will go over the incision site and scars. We know that having a brow lift (forehead lift) is a very personal decision therefore, it is important that Dr. Marcadis understand your goals, desires, and expectations during your consultation. He will discuss the procedure and risks of undergoing brow lift surgery (forehead lift). Depending on your goals and facial structure, Dr. Marcadis will discuss combining a brow lift (forehead lift) and other facial procedures to restore a more youthful look throughout the face and neck region.

Pre-operative appointment:

At Marcadis Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa, we take our patient’s health very seriously. During your pre-operative appointment, we will review the procedure, your goals, and expectations, and discuss your care after surgery. At this appointment, we will again review your medical history and perform routine preoperative laboratory testing.

Brow lift procedure:

A brow lift (forehead lift) is an elective plastic surgery procedure that is done under a light general anesthesia. An incision is placed behind the hairline with the intention of tightening, adjusting or removing the muscles and tissues to correct the creases and furrows in the brow or forehead region. This procedure is performed in our Joint Commission (JCAHO) accredited surgical facility. The actual procedure takes about 1.5- 2 hours to perform. Anesthesia is provided by board certified anesthesiologists with many years of experience and on staff at major local hospitals.

Recovery after a brow lift/ forehead lift:

Immediately after surgery, the incision area will be taped and your head may be wrapped to reduce bruising and swelling. You can expect to keep your head elevated above your heart for the first 72 hours immediately following the procedure to keep swelling to a minimum. You may resume all your normal non-strenuous activities as soon as discomfort allows. Most of our patients resume to their work about 3-5 days post surgery. Most swelling will gradually dissipate over 6 weeks. We will continue to see you during your follow-up until healing is assured. All recovery expectations will be discussed during your initial consultation and at your pre-operative appointment.

Call (813) 878-0089 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Marcadis to determine if a brow lift (forehead lift) is right for you. At Marcadis Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa, we pride ourselves with over 20 years of experience, professionalism and personalized patient care. Dr. Marcadis is one of the most experienced board certified plastic surgeon in the area; he is well known in the Tampa Bay area including Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, and Orlando.

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