Breast Implant Glossary:

Capsular contracture is a contracting of the tissue capsule enveloping a breast implant, causing stiffness or hardening of the breast and in severe cases squeezing the breast implants. Baker Grades are used to classify capsular contracture. The worst Baker Grades are III and IV. Extra surgery (reoperation) is usually the result of a Baker Grade III due to the pain and abnormal appearance in some cases. The result in Baker Grade IV is usually more surgery (reoperation) due to the pain and undesirable overall look. A Baker Grade II might also require extra surgery. Implant rupture is a possible risk of capsular contracture. The Baker Grades are outlined below.

• Baker Grade I – Breasts have a natural look and are soft to the touch

• Baker Grade II – Breasts look normal but feel slightly firm

• Baker Grade III – Breasts appear abnormal (shape is altered) and feel more firm

• Baker Grade IV – Breasts are obviously distorted, feel hard and are painful

Capsular contracture can be resolved through a breast revision surgery. Contact Marcadis Plastic Surgery to schedule your initial consultation where we will talk through what your goals are and what is best for you.

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