• Z-plasty for Scar Revision: A surgical technique that creates angled flaps on either side of the original scar site that can completely reposition or change scar direction, interrupt scar tension or improve scar flexibility.   One or more Z-shaped incisions are made, the diagonals forming one straight line, and the two triangular sections so formed are drawn across the diagonal before being stitched.

Z-Plasty – with all the fun we’ve had running the ABC’s of plastic surgery, it seems like such an “unglamorous” way to finish the series!   However – if you have ugly scars or scars that are impeding your flexibility, then knowing that Z-plasty is out there as an option, makes up for the lack of glamour.   Z-plasty is a member of a family of “scar revision” surgeries.  The intent is to take a likely straight scar, that is either unsightly, or is causing pain/discomfort because of how it is pulling at the surrounding skin, and because of the Z shape, the scar has more surface area, and therefore less pull.  The larger scar is paradoxically less obvious as a Z-Plasty will often attempt to blend the scar into existing folds in the skin.

Revision Surgery takes a surgical procedure, and improves on it.   The improvement is not always cosmetic.  Marcadis Plastic Surgery performs Scar Revision where and existing scar is worked on to become less noticeable, or less impactful  (tension release).  We will also help to fix a bad breast implant with Breast Revision surgery.

Whether scar revision, breast revision, or any other cosmetic revision surgery, Marcadis Plastic Surgery is ready to help.  Give us a call to setup your initial consultation.   The initial consultation is free, let’s talk through what you need.


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