The Waist and Tummy areas are some of the most frequent targets of plastic surgery.

There is a wide variety of option for fine tuning the presentation of your waist.   The strategy will depend greatly on your goals.  Some people are avid exercise and fitness practitioners, and have small stubborn fat deposits.  How disappointing after years of working out and untold discipline in diet.  Often, these people are helped with non-surgical Vanquish treatment, or spot liposuction.   Sometimes, people have every right to be proud of exceptional weight loss – only to be left with unsightly sagging skin around the waist and stomach.  Often times, a Tummy Tuck is in order.

Long term belly fat will impact the waist – and frequently liposuction can help reduce the amount of fat to a level where lifestyle changes can finish the job.

There are countless ways to create the waist you have always wanted.   We support everything from pure changes in lifestyle, to full mommy makeovers, along with both surgical, and non surgical options in between.

To really map out a path to the belly and torso that you have always wanted, we recommend calling for your initial consultation.  Let’s make a plan together that fits within your budget and your lifestyle, that achieves your goals of a beautiful sculpted waist.


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