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Meet our Staff

At Marcadis Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa, we pride ourselves with over 25 years of experience of experience, professionalism and personalized patient care. Our team of registered nurses, nurse practitioner, medical aestheticians, laser hair removal specialist and administrative staff are experienced in plastic surgery and excel in delivery cosmetic care. Our staff can personalize a program for you from skin care routine to cosmetic surgery. All our medical staff are licensed specialists with advanced training and are experienced with enhancing skin health and your appearance. From your first visit to the last, or with ongoing programs, our professional staff is available to support you through all phases of your care. Cosmetic medicine and surgery is our specialty and we make it our priority to provide all our patients the best service we can offer.

Coley Westerberg non-surgical cosmetic procedures

Coley Westerberg PA-C

Coley is our Physician Assistant and is knowledgeable in various non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as neurotoxins, dermal fillers, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), and Vanquish Non-Invasive Fat Reduction. She also has vast experience in facial chemical peels, vein treatments and multiple laser therapies. Coley has many years of cosmetic experience and can cater to your aesthetic goals. Coley also assist Dr. Marcadis with his surgical cases and will be with you during your procedure.

Jaclyn-SteeleJaclyn Steele ARNP-C


Jaclyn is our Nurse Practitioner who has a background in dermatology and is very knowledgeable in a variety of non surgical procedures such as neurotoxins, dermal fillers, Vanquish Non-Invasive Fat Reduction and several laser therapies including laser hair removal, superficial vein therapy, pigmented lesions, and photofacials. Jaclyn also has several years of nursing experience and will assist Dr. Marcadis in many of his surgical and non surgical procedures helping you feel comfortable and confident during your time with us.

Sherri Fabian RN Surgical and Medical cosmetic care

Sherri Fabian RN- Clinical Manager

Sherri directs our plastic surgery program and also coordinates your Surgical and Medical cosmetic care. Sherri is very knowledgeable about cosmetic surgery and will guide you through your plastic surgery experience. This includes meeting with you during your first consultation, your preoperative visit and preparing you for surgery. She will instruct you on pre and post-operative care and will answer any questions you may have. Sherri will be with Dr. Marcadis in the operating room during your procedure. After surgery Sherri will assist in making your plastic surgery post-operative period a pleasant, comfortable and trouble free experience. Sherri also assists Dr. Marcadis with non-surgical treatments such as Restylane, Botox, as well as with the lasers.

Jessica Affendakes Marcadis Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa

Jessica Affendakes- Office Manager

Jessica is our Office Manager and is knowledgeable in assisting you with all the options available at Marcadis Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa. From answering questions about your surgical or non-surgical treatments to filling out forms, financing and procedure scheduling, Jessica will help you get the most you can from our services.

Kay Sierra Marcadis Plastic Surgery Tampa

Kay Sierra- Patient Relations Coordinator

Kay is our Patient Relations Coordinator and is knowledgeable in assisting you with all the options available at Marcadis Plastic Surgery. Kay is your liaison with our practice and will likely be the first person you meet at your consultation. Kay is here to make your visit at Marcadis Plastic Surgery pleasant and comfortable and will be able to answer your cosmetic questions. She is also responsible for all our advertising, social media and online content.

Megan Parry- RN kin Care Specialist

Megan Parry- RN

Megan is our Registered Nurse and Skin Care Specialist and has a vast knowledge base and experience with skin health. Megan administers our prescription skin health program including the Z.O. Medical and Obagi system. She is experienced in MicroPeels, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning and can tailor an inpidual program to meet your needs. Megan is also our post anesthesia recovery nurse and will help with your recovery phase after cosmetic surgery.

Lori Wittman MicroPeels, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning

Lori Wittman- MA, LE

Lori is our Licensed Medical Esthetician and is extremely knowledgeable in medical skin care. Lori is experienced in MicroPeels, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, and can tailor a skin care regiment to meet your needs and budget. Lori also administers our prescription skin health products including Z.O Medical and Obagi Nu-Derm. Lori also assists the office in scheduling patients.

Cathy Maples cosmetic surgery

Cathy Maples- RN

Cathy is one of our recovery room nurses who will assist you in the immediate recovery period. Cathy has many years of experience in recovering cosmetic surgery patients and will be monitoring you immediately after your surgery to ensure you are in a safe and stable environment coming out of general anesthesia.

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